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Raised on Long Island Marianna had big dreams about living and working in NYC.  She would some day get off the “Island” and find the exciting life.  Focused and ready to give it her all she moved to New York City after high school, and got busy building her dream.  Reaching the level she had dreamed of, she was amazed to find it wasn’t all she dreamed it to be, and then her life took a turn. 

The next thing she knew she was married and raising two boys.  Well it seems that road had a sharp curve too; not long after she found herself alone raising those two boys.  With the deck stacked against her she did what she knew to do, dig in and get to work.  She used the talents gained years before and started her professional life again.  This time however it was mixed with diapers and daycare.  Trying to balance a successful career, and two of the most wonderfully active children was not the life she had dreamed of, but it was moving along.  Again she set her sights on the corporate ladder, and had her success, but again she found it empty. 

There was yet one more curve in the road.

On a cool autumn day while watching her son play football she began talking with another parent on the sidelines.  He was a Rhema grad and the pastor of a local church.   Pastor Kassimis graciously invited her to come and hear him preach.  Knowing that she wanted her children to know about God, but not wanting to return to the denomination she grew up in, she accepted the Pastor’s invitation and attended church.  The rest as they say is history. 

On Christmas Eve 2000 she gave her heart to Jesus, and life has never been the same.  A few months later she was enrolled in Rhema Bible Training Center and took hold of her baton in May of 2003.  She returned to her home church in Norwalk, CT and launched the new children’s ministry Kids Alive.  Marianna shifted it from classroom instruction, to a full blown kid’s church services on Sunday morning.  The focus was on developing the children into people of faith willing to share Jesus with their community.  While on staff they did many community outreaches and developed fundraisers to continue the call. 

She has since returned to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and is now working full time at Kenneth Hagin Ministries.  Serving this team has blessed her with a wide understanding of ministry, and the desire to help the local church sharpen its tools.  She has traveled throughout the US as well as Greece, Honduras, and the UK conducting children’s seminars, women’s meetings, teaching, and preaching the Gospel. It is her joy to help the lost find Jesus, and the believer to grow closer to God. 

Now living in East Tennessee Marianna continues to travel the globe teaching, preaching and hosting seminars. She teaches at Ten17 Bible Training Center in Seymour TN, and continues the work began in Scotland. No place is to far to travel as the Great Commission begins with the word GO!