Welcome to
Grace & Mercy Ministries

We return with a team to Scotland this May! 

This trip will take us to the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kincaidston, and Stirling. Your prayers are welcome as we prepare for this trip. I believe amazing things await our arrival. God loves this country and her people. 

We can not wait to return!



We have one purpose; to fan these embers into full blown flames of Revival.


The Nation of Scotland has been a foundational land in the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and salvation through grace. Scotland's sons and daughters spoke, wrote, and lived the Reformation and furthered the purpose of Pentecost.  They paved the way for the Gospel to reach untold millions.


Athens, Greece

In 2007 the Lord crossed our path with a powerful minister of the Gospel named Spyros Voulgaris. Reverend Voulgaris was graduating RHEMA Bible Training Center and returning to his home country of Greece to continue his work begun there. Thus began the relationship between The Helpers International and Grace & Mercy Ministries.

In the ensuing years Reverend Spyros Voulgaris has traveled the Middle East extensively holding open air crusades, equipping leaders, raising up churches and pastors and teaching the uncompromising Word of Faith throughout the region.

In 2009 he founded Logos Church in the heart of Athens, established Equip Greece and soon after began RHEMA Greece.

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve along side this man of God and see the works of Jesus prosper in the earth!

Our vision and call in this land as mandated by God is.....Help.  That is what He spoke to us, and that is what we do. What ever is needed and we have the ability to do we do.